Keep your kitchen feeling warm and lively in the winter by growing your own greens

You don’t need fancy contraptions to grow micro salad greens indoors. You can sprout them on a windowsill or on a shelf with a simple grow light.

Micro greens from arugula, broccoli, sunflower or pea seeds are easiest to grow. All are wonderful in a sandwich or atop a salad.

Simply sprinkle the seeds very thickly on top of a shallow tray holding one or two inches of sterilized potting soil. Sprinkle more soil on top and keep the whole thing moist. Place the tray under an industrial work light, fitted with daylight fluorescent bulbs (around $50 at Home Depot or find them second-hand), or in a sunny windowsill.

Greens are ready to cut and eat in two to three weeks.

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