A case for choosing ceramic over paper and an entreaty to City Hall

Paper cups. Ugh, I can't stand them. Whether your vice is coffee or fountain drinks, it doesn't matter because they come in the same packaging: a paper cup lined with wax. Completely not recyclable.

I'm walking down the street and see paper cups everywhere. In peoples' hands, in the garbage can, littering the streets. I don't know what's worse: fast food restaurants or coffee shops. Fast food restaurants only serve paper cups. Not a reusable cup to be seen.

Green Vs. Reality

Davin "Reality" Luke says if you make the Male Purse more socially acceptable, he'll consider carrying around a reusable mug...

But coffee shops? Although most offer ceramic mugs in lieu of paper cups, most staff do not seemed trained to recommend them. I've asked many times for my drink to be served in a mug, and all I get are blank stares. I literally have to talk them through it: "I want to stay while and enjoy my beverage, please use a mug—one of those porcelain objects collecting dust on the shelf over there.” Oh, but it gets better! Almost nobody ever requests a mug! Every day I walk past coffee shops brimming with people sitting and relaxing, and almost everyone has a paper cup in their hand!

Please, I beg, if you're going to take the time to relax at the ol' cafe, please take the time to order your beverage in a mug!

Personally, I would love to see City Hall take a stand against coffee cups, #3 and #6 plastics, and plastic bags (the latter two to be discussed in a future blog!). All three items are not recyclable—complete waste. They are overtaxing our environment, from the resources wasted and pollution emitted in their manufacturing, to the unnecessary landfill space they take up at the end of their lifecycle. They need to be banned.

The public must be encouraged to use reusable mugs, and paper cups need to be replaced with compostable ones (they already exist and are readily available on the market!).