BCLiving takes you inside one of the most outrageously upmarket real estate offerings in the province

Address: 4726 Belmont Avenue, Point Grey
Price: $35,000,000
MLS: R2027484
The skinny: Four-bedroom, six-bathroom, 9,693-square-foot house on a massive lot in Point Grey.
The bling: Here’s just what a certain wannabe First Family is looking for: a nifty little overnighter for those trying times when you simply must show your face around your latest monstrous tower and its associated branded businesses. This modest mansion may not boast your usual Liberace-inspired sense of style and grandeur, but it’s nothing a few fake Old Masters and a set of diamanté-encrusted toilet seats can’t fix. And look at the advantages: there’s plenty of space to pave over the tiresome landscaping and install a helipad to get you to and from downtown in a jiffy; the garage is big enough to hold a luxury motor for you, your wife (and her predecessors) and each of your delightful offspring; and the place is so compact, you probably only need to hire minimal staff—housekeeper, gardener, chef, plastic surgeon (always a good investment), hairdresser (well, you never know)—and pay them in Canadian dollars (yes, we do have our own currency here). We know the view is rather drearily natural, but take a closer look and you may even find a nice patch of wilderness just gagging to be converted into a golf course. Come on, you know you may as well make Canada (not too) great, while you’re at it.
The hidden extras: Swimming pool, sauna/steam room, gym, a basement perfect for stashing all those old tax files you don’t want surfacing anytime soon and a fire pit (just in case you need to get rid of the evidence quick).