BCLiving takes you inside one of the most outrageously upmarket real estate offerings in the province

Address: 1 Lamb Island, Sechelt
Price: $3,999,000
The skinny: Three-bedroom, three-bathroom 2,365-square-foot home on a private island.
The bling: Roll up. Roll up. For one week only, we are breaking our own rules and bringing you a BARGAIN. Yes! We have dropped our minimum price point by a whopping $1,000. Why? Because for just a hair shy of $4 million, you can buy, not only a house (pretty good going these days, let’s face it), but a whole island. Yes, there are only two dwellings on this one-acre lump of land just off the coast of Sechelt, and you’ll own them both. It may only be 500 metres from the mainland, but once you pull up your metaphoric drawbridge, you could be in another world—where you rule. What’s a 140-minute commute when you’re the mayor of your own mini municipality? And look at it this way: for the same price, you can either buy a teardown in Dunbar, or—gasp—live on the east side. The Lord of Lamb Island—come on! Imagine the bespoke stationery, let alone the custom car licence plate(s). It’s the bling of all bargain bling.
The hidden extras: Private pontoon to the mainland, deep-water moorage, septic tank (not sexy, but oh, so important).