BCLiving takes you inside one of the most outrageously upmarket real estate offerings in the province

Address: 915 Trant Road, Gibsons

Price: $4,888,000

MLS: R2094964

The skinny: Four-bedroom, three-bathroom, 5,402-square-foot house on the Sunshine Coast.

The bling: Okay, so it’s not actually Molly’s Reach, but this Gibsons home will sure make you feel like a beachcomber. You can wander around town like Nick Adonidas, chatting to all the cheery local folk, pause to chew the fat with the real life Constable Constable, and yes, load up like a lumberjack at the still fully operational aforementioned Molly’s Reach. And when you get home, you can stare at the walls and appreciate the natural beauty of wood. You want Wood? We got wood. We’ve got wood walls, wood floors, wood ceilings, low wooden beams, tall wooden staircases, kitchen cupboards made of wood, bathroom cabinets made of wood…there are even wooden arches—arches, I say—around the windows. Arrive safe in the knowledge that no unsuspecting flash of Italian marble will darken your brow in this labour of logs—here is a home that doubles as a veritable mausoleum for chopped-down trees. And if that isn’t enough wood for you, wander down to the end of the garden and collect some driftwood from, yes, you guessed it: the beach! Go on, comb. You know you want to.

The hidden extras: Sweeping sea views, fruit orchard, lots of, um, wood.