Each week, BCliving takes you inside one of the most outrageously upmarket real estate offerings in the province

Address: 29360 Townshipline Road, Abbotsford
Price: $6,980,000
MLS: R2018854

The skinny: Three-bedroom, two-bathroom, 3,632-square-foot coach house on a 39.5-acre equestrian estate in Bradner.

The bling: Ready to live the dream and leave the metropolis and its annoying folk behind? You’re done with the people, their noise, and their needs. Shrug off the city, sista, and embrace the inner horse whisperer that’s been fighting to burst out since you were knee-high to your best friend’s palomino. Here’s your chance to hide out in the cute little coach house of your dreams, lulled to sleep by the sound of whinnies and snorts from the beasts below. Ride wild, ride free, with no one to worry about except yourself and your mounts. Get down and dirty mucking out—okay, maybe that’s a stretch. Hmm… let’s try that again. Maybe literature could be your inspiration? Sounds good? Okay: take a page from Lady Chatterley and hire a fine stable boy, and another from that doyenne of the Jockey Club, Jilly Cooper. She’d tell you to make sure those jodhpurs fit snug, and practise cracking that whip. That’s more like it. Right?

The hidden extras: Ten-stall stable, indoor riding arena, pastures and trails, guest suite (perfect for the stable boy’s needs), wood stove fire to make things nice and cozy.