Have groceries delivered to save bags, time and hassle

Stalking the aisles of a bustling supermarket can be exhausting on busy weekends. And daily strolls for fresh bread are Parisian dreams from yesteryear. Luckily, online grocers like SPUD.ca now allow locals to conserve time with home delivery, lining shelves with an ever-expanding catalogue of diverse, health-conscious items. Forego the shopping commutes and parking lot hassles by ordering up all your necessities, from organic produce to local baked goods and more.

Here are eight great reasons to do your grocery shopping online…

Eliminate Commutes

Detouring to a busy shopping area at the end of a long workday will eat into your gas tank – and your patience. Home delivery can save time and effort at surprisingly little cost. SPUD.ca boasts free delivery (with a minimum purchase) on select days each week. The company’s carbon footprint is top of mind so deliveries are arranged by region with trucks rolling through on a very regular basis. For an additional $7.95, requests can be “express delivered” in Vancouver any day of the week and orders totaling $200 or more receive this benefit for free.

A Standing Order

Avoiding lineups at the till is certainly a timesaver and ordering groceries online provides another perk. Imagine stepping into Safeway and having someone hand you a basket brimming with all of your weekly must-haves. SPUD’s “standing order” option does just this: storing regular purchases in a helpful one-stop list so you can fill your shopping needs with a simple click and even save cash. A five per cent discount is applied to standing orders delivered by SPUD each week.

The Ways to Save

Convenience often comes at a premium but online grocers offer shoppers a number of budget-conscious perks. In fact, the SPUD homepage declares: “The more you shop, the more points you earn and the more money you save.” Clients collect reward points with each purchase. Increasing with each spend, this tally can be redeemed for discounts on future orders. In addition, weekly specials provide extra savings and an introductory discount of $10 off an order of $50 or more provides incentive to get shopping. Another bonus is you’re less inclined to impulse buy when you order online, saving you even more money by avoiding making purchases you don’t really need.

Sourcing Local

The “buy local” movement has grown in recent years and online grocers are hugely supportive, meaning consumers are guaranteed some of the freshest food available and a level of community-consciousness that larger supermarkets may not share. SPUD.ca declares a commitment to sustainable, local and organic wherever possible and West Coast favourites like Avalon Dairy and Vij’s join resto-retailers Seigel’s Bagels and Que Pasa (among others) to distribute prepared foods through their online channel.

Picked Fresh

Ordering a beach read from Amazon is one thing, but using a website to find fresh produce? Surprisingly effective, in fact. Fruits and vegetables – with an obvious organic skew – highlight SPUD’s offering, with “farm boxes” full of leafy greens and nutrient-rich edibles. Bunched by the company’s resident produce experts, the packages can be customized by weight, price, and even intent. Go with the special “roasting box,” for example, to source fresh root vegetables perfect for the pan. Regardless of category, produce comes from local farmers and is always picked at peak season.

Clear the Calendar

Meal plans have birthed an entire cottage industry on social media. If the mere thought of food prep is tiring, solutions abound with online grocers. SPUD, for example, offers prepared meals sold in themed “bundles.” Try the “Rainy Day” version for the finest grilled cheese makings – with organic tomato soup on the side – or the “Burger Bundle” which delivers four meals for the summer grill.

Going Green

Lugging heavy bags home could be considered exercise for glass-half-full types but most consumers find it cumbersome at best. At SPUD, large plastic storage bins are used for delivery leading to consumption of far fewer shopping bags as well as an increase in the relative ease of delivery and storage. The bins – which come with an initial deposit fee – are easy to unpack and can simply be left out on regularly scheduled delivery days for return and reuse. It’s a great way to avoid the heavy lifting.

Be Kind to Others

Online delivery services often stock far more than simple grocery items, carrying health and beauty products, pet supplies, floral arrangements and even a few thoughtful surprises for others. At SPUD, gift baskets are well-curated to showcase the very best of the province. Themes vary from “Artisan Foods” – featuring local spreads and sauces – to “Chocolate Lovers” which gathers together some of the sweetest treats in the region. Giving is also made simple at check out, with charitable options folded in. With a simple click, shoppers can give as they shop with SPUD ensuring funds reach a large number of deserving local charities.