If you’ve been putting off regular exercise, confront your excuses with these simple comebacks

  • No time: Schedule an appointment with yourself and don’t break it. Ask a fitness professional for ideas. Exercise during commercial breaks on television.
 You can make time.
  • Interferes with work or studies: Physical activity helps boost brain function. With clearer thinking and increased energy you’ll actually be more productive.

  • Family obligations: Get your family involved in activities like swimming, skating or hiking. Plan more active family get-togethers.

  • Too tired: Regular exercise increases energy levels. Improved blood circulation helps improve the delivery of oxygen to muscles and the brain leaving you feeling energized.

  • Exercise is hard: Find an easy activity like walking, and progress at a moderate pace.

  • Bad weather is a deterrent: Dress for the conditions or exercise indoors. Many activities can be done inside – like wall climbing, tennis and even golf.

  • Exercise is boring: Find a fun activity, or choose from several different activities to avoid boredom.

  • No facilities or equipment: You don’t need a gym or equipment to exercise. Go for a hike or a brisk walk, or do calisthenics at home.

  • Too expensive: Walking is cheap. For weight-training exercises, use your own body weight or improvised equipment, like soup cans.

  • Fear of injury: Choose an activity with a low injury risk. To avoid injury, learn proper technique from a personal trainer or specific sports instructor.

  • Lack of motivation: Exercise with a friend and choose activities you enjoy, or hire a personal trainer to inspire you.

  • Health problems: Everyone can do some kind of activity. Ask your doctor and work with a fitness professional or physical therapist. Gentle exercise is healing!

Originally published in Wellness Matters, Canada Wide Media’s quarterly newsletter on health and wellness.