Each week, BCLiving takes you inside one of the most outrageously upmarket real estate offerings in the province

Address: 5225 Gulf Place, West Vancouver
Price: $19,900,000
MLS: SIRC143945
The skinny: Five-bedroom, four-bathroom, 8,500-square-foot waterfront West Vancouver property.

The bling: Here’s a twist to surprise even the most jaded ultraluxury househunter out there. Sure, this is your standard hewn-into-a-cliff-side, space age, modernist concrete-and-glass mansion. It’s proper massive, it has a stunning pool, a rooftop fire pit and a precipitous stairway all the way down to your private patch of British Columbian waterfront. Of course, there’s also an elevator, you have the option of flying in and, across the three floors, all the necessities of life—media room, wine cellar, etc.—the contemporary super rich citizen expects. But here’s the biggest draw: after you get to flash your unlimited cash flow around to buy the place, you then get to really display your financial net worth by ordering the interiors. Yes, that’s right: the place has helpfully been left undone in order for you to stamp your own doubtless exquisite taste all over its walls, floors, finishings and fixtures; not so much move-in ready, as move-in-everything-you-need-to actually-move-in. What a great concept! Now you can spend $20 million and still have fun plundering the world for the best in everything your not-so-hard-earned money can buy. What a total bargain. Right?

The hidden extras: You choose. Also, according to the listing, there may be some “interesting tax benefits” for the buyer, all the better to spend that cash on you and yours, and keep it out of the mouths of the great unwashed. Amirite?